Hi, im Christer, the CEO and only fulltime employee of CW. Structured enough to work for big companies, too creative for a regular job. Luckily im not scared of “overtime” or working hard. I dont feel comfortable with not having any projects to work on, or having dreams to work towards. Im always looking for new projects and people to work with, and I have A core team I work with to give you the best end products.

I hate sleep, but sometimes you have to get 8 hours in, or even 12, even if you feel guilty afterwards. I try to be as responsive, responsible and professional as possible, but I’ve built this company around the people working in it. There isnt currently any 24 hour support, not until we are a global company. Read more about that choice here.

Stuff I like

  • Travel.
  • Art.
  • Working.
  • Meetings.
  • Photoshop.
  • Internet.
  • Porn.

Shit I Dislike

  • People being late and lazy.
  • Discussing people behind their backs, unless you’ve already told them.
  • Fascism.
  • Inefficiency.
  • Selfishness.
  • Real racism and sexism

CW does creative things, and help other creatives to work faster and better. Currently we use freelance writers, coders and designers to work on the projects. The future for CW will be a small very managable company, that put it’s members first.

Breaking Laws

We do not condone breaking laws, in general, however, when laws blatantly are illogical or old. Like women needing their husbands to approve them driving, or the government telling you what and when you can eat, drink or smoke. I actually think it’s your duty as a citizen to change those laws, and to break them until they are changed.

Our general rule for government and law is : if it doesnt hurt someone directly, then it shouldnt be illegal. The government should not have anything to do with what you do in your own time. If that is having same-sex relationships or smoking a joint, it doesnt matter.


I really dont believe in copyright, if someone can use your idea to make something new. Or even if they can make your idea better or cheaper, then you have failed. You cant own an idea that builds on others’ idea and then say you “own” it. Thats just discusting.

If someone were to steal my design and put it on their T shirt, that would be fucked up, but it wouldnt be wrong, I didnt make it avaialable to people. So i fucked up.

Back in the day it was there to protect small guys from the big. Now its being used by the big guys to oppress innovation of 3d printers and greatly complicating the music creation process.

That being said, we do not steal music, images etc. We even buy CD’s and MP3’s 🙂


The fact that websites like this one, or even a site that only gives you COLORS, like coolors.co needs to give you information that we use cookies, and websites like facebook, twitter, tumblr etc, and any google service doesnt have to detail further than “we may give your information to third parties” is frankly retarded. Thats why I will only have this disclaimer, go a head sue me.

When it comes to selling or giving your information away : that wont ever happen. Im not a dickhead.


We do not promise 24 hour support, or any support at all. But we are one of the more responsive and responsible companies out there. This is just because we put our employees over our customers, we dont want them to work 24 hours a day, when they are available they are, if they arent then we as a company arent. Support is paid per hours in chat room, on phone answering tickets etc. not on “showing up” value, so if all of them dont feel like showing up, well we have no support.

For super urgent inquires you can contact the president himself at chris@cwdoes.com or at 00 47 949 87 614 / 00 47 906 41 280

Cover Artwork

Usually completely free, I dont do this for the money, I’d rather build my legacy. So rather than doing A 500$ /piece I rather have the ability to give the design away completely free and have the ability to sell prints of the artwork and make clothing based off the design. The artist will always be informed prior to me making any designs and selling them of course. I want to live mostly off of donations, so you can go and set that over on our donations page (not yet open, for security reasons).

March 2017

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  • IBM
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